I decided to collect here are those funny expressions used in videos that you guys invented. 


Pearl harbour = when balloons drop bombs on king "he got pearl harboured cause he did not see it coming" (idea got from one comment on my yt channel)

Golden Shower = when lava pup spits on king (idea got from one comment on my yt channel)

Chris Browned = when Barbarian King (BK) slaps Archer Queen (AQ) down preferably in rage "king gave her some Chris Brown style loving"  (idea got from one comment on my yt channel)

Harry Potter'd = when warden kills the king or queen (invention credits to: RB inatorr) can also be zeus strike or buddy slap.

Real Housewifed = when a queen takes out a queen

Girl on Girl Action = When attacking queen under rage and hitting defending queen.

Lindsey Lohan = Queen on rage and being healed with healers 

Flinstoning = Bowlers on rage (invited by Luca Zanzini) also can be called

Smurfed = Mass bowlers on rage (invented by Nahúm Corea) see urban dictionary for definition lol

Smurf orgy = mass bowlers in the core of the village on rage slapping away (invited by: TookerNec)


jumpy spell = jump spell

speedy spell = haste spell

noob patted / chief patted = when a person fails horribly on example balloon trop on cc troops... (comes from pats own video ) it's funny cause he things he is the best attacker in the world. 

mega style = attacking with no skill what so ever using deploy & pray tactic 

terrorist attack = mass golem with over 6 or more golems. (first said by Z Baby in february 2015 see pic)

deploy and pray = works as well as microsoft plug and pray... deploy all troops in one spot.. some players also close their eyes after deploying everything... 


if you have some terms u feel it needs be here contact me.