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Learn to attack like the best attackers of clash. World record holding attacks explained in detail. 


"Went over an attack with Ed. He sent me a 5 minute detailed video and I asked few questions after. Then I did my nice solid 69% 2 Star attack and made my leader proud" 
- Hibache

"4x 1 stars and 2 defences won since I changed to the first base you showed. Thx"
- Brian Winters

5978 personal best last season using Ed's GoVaBoWi strategy 🤗
- LittleMomma


Tools to Win Battles, Defences and Wars

The Th11 - 19,99$+ Pledge (discounted from 25€)

  • Weekly 2 and 3 star attack strategies from the best clashers in the world
  • Regular updates on most used attack strategies like lavaloon
  • Fresh Th11 Elite War bases 2 times a month
  • Best Top Player Th11 Cloud/Push bases 1-3 times a month
  • These bases make all the difference in winning or loosing wars. 
  • Constant flow of new gives you the continues edge.
  • Secrets on how making it to 6000 trophies
  • 8-12 videos a month depending on how clash evolves
  • Monthly summary of published videos via email

Strategies include: 

  • Lavaloon 3 Star Guide, Lavaloon 2 Star Guide (updated regularly)
  • Bowler + Valkyrie + Witch + Golem 3 Star Strategy
  • Bowler + Baby Dragon Attack 2 Star Strategy
  • Pentalava + Clone Spell 3 Star Attack Strategy
  • Bowler Kill Squad + Lavaloon destroy 3 Star Attack Strategy

You Also Get

  • All Th10 content too including attack strategies and bases
  • + all the attack new and updated attack strategies videos
  • access to archive of knowledge

The Th10 - 9,99$+ Pledge

  • Th10 (also some Th9 & Th8) War bases two times a month
  • Th10 Cloud base series too 1-3 times a month. 
    I mean fresh good bases that evolve as the game does. This will help you win though wars.

1,99$ > Pledge

  • Occasional videos to my patreons
  • Videos before they go public on my YouTube
  • Multipart videos here first in parts or whole without ads 
  • All videos without ads
  • access to archive of badass content

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As u may know I do not do any shitty free gems shit... Nor do I whore my channel out. I keep the content high level and I don't kiss anyones ass. Bit over 2 years of YouTube and I got 71 000 subscribers and millions of views. It has been a fun. Unlike other youtubers i don't want to make this as my full time job and hang around with other youtubers in useless gaming events around the world. Instead i offer something worth money. Tools to win battles, defences and wars.