Submit Your Attack to my YouTube

YES hell F***ing YES i want ur attacks to my channel!!

What kinda content

  • Th11 and Th10 Attacks
  • Solid 2 Star (over 60%) or 3 Star
  • Fails: legends fail, top 200 fail, mass troop fails


  • Attack done in legends league
  • Maxed defences
  • HD 720p quality at least prefer HD1080p
  • Attack not published on YouTube before

You can use example QuickTime to record the attack if you use Mac.
Use programs like Reflector for windows.
Make sure to have game sounds on!!


Submitting attack wont guarantee it will be published. I decide that. 

Your Player Name e.g. Ze Edcast
Example: Quantum's Web
e.g. Th11 GoWiPe 3 Star, Th10 vs Th11 Valkyrie Attack , Funny Bowler Legend Fail
Example Dropbox link or google drive link. If you got several you can post them on the message.
Conditions *
I give all rights to publish my attack.
Published *
The Attack has not been published before on YouTube before.