Being one of the elite clashers that have reached global #1 spot in the most successful mobile game (Clash of Clans) today by every parameter. I have gained some unique skills only obtained by becoming the best and playing with the best. 2017 my best global rank is #7 and 2018 best is #4.

My background comes from Internet industry. Summer 2013  I decided to follow my dream and moved to France.

My niche is mobile games that we can play with Tablets and Smart Phones.

Creating a game?

I can consult you on how to build better games and make them more appealing to the whales of freemium gaming. I'm not a game developer but the experience playing thousands of hours of Clash with the best people on all levels of the game gives me some unique knowledge on the mindset and what triggers them and what causes us to loose interest. We all know the stakes in mobile gaming are so high and it all comes down to making the game appealing to the big money spenders. 

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Publishing a game?

Your game is done and need people playing it? Me and my friends have together over 4 million youtube subscribers playing games.  We can make games happen with that number. Since all of our subscribers are loyal followers. My own subscriber base for example is mainly top players that spend huge amounts of time (several hours per day) and money (thousands €/$/£) into games that they love. 

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Lecture & presentation

Organising a tech event and want to know about YouTubing from a YouTuber that can actually play? Or just want to know what makes games so successful from the players point of view? Why we play several hours of Clash per a day? Want the presentation to be more analytical targeted on specific area like gaming youtubers or general crowd pleaser with a high level view on mobile gaming I swing both ways. I have a unique point of view from the top players side, the clients side. 

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